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About Antera and Omaran

Since they reunited in 1994, Antera & Omaran have been teaching workshops and classes in spiritual growth, channeling, and twin flames, as well as leading numerous solstice/equinox ceremonies, full moon rituals, and meditation groups. Antera's gifted channeling skills have brought through wisdom and teachings from Beings of Light such as St Germain, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Archangel Metatron. She has been sharing these messages by online and print publishing since the mid 1990s, helping many people in their quest for clarity and truth. Together they founded the spiritual nonprofit organization Center for Soul Evolution in Mt Shasta, where they live, the Order of the Blue Snake, the Land Healing Project, and they built the Mt Shasta Pyramid.

Antera and Omaran are also a husband-wife singer-songwriter duo. Their creations are aligned with their mission to uplift and inspire people spiritually, and to help bring in higher energies to the planet. Because they are twin flames, even their love songs express expanded messages of a new paradigm for couples.

In January 2003, the couple released their first two-song single, Message, especially to help the peace movement. They sent this CD to over 1000 politicians, spiritual leaders, and organizations, at their own expense. Their first album together, Twin Flames (June 2003), is a theme album that tells, in song, their own amazing story. This story is detailed in Antera's book, Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion (June 2003). Additionally, they have a musical, also called Twin Flames, in which they perform the songs on the CD.