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Message CD


by Antera and Omaran


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"Message" contains two deeply moving songs with inspired lyrics backed by a soft-rock contemporary sound.

The Songs:

"A Message from Jesus" is a passionate plea for world peace through forgiveness and compassion.

"Now (Lightworkers' Anthem)" is a stirring call to lightworkers to find their missions and unite to create the Golden Age.

Read the story behind the song "A Message from Jesus."

Some Comments about "Message". . .

"The CD is wonderful. I had goosebumps the whole time I was listening. It's really beautiful and moving. I keep listening to it over and over. Great job!" --TB in CA

"I received your CD yesterday. It is so incredibly beautiful and clear....I can't stop listening to it; a message really comes through. I feel re-energized to be a carrier of the Light." -- CN in CA

"I love your CD, opened today's [radio] show with Now." -- MH in AZ

"Thank you for your CD. I'm listening to it now and find it to be very powerful. It moves me." -- NM in AZ

"Thank you very much for your CD! What a precious gift! Very much appreciated! I absolutely love it! Keep up the good work!" --JS in CA

"When I hear Lightworkers' Anthem, it goes right through me and resounds through my spirit. It touches my heart and renews my committment as a Lightworker. And the harmony and blend of your voices is beautiful. Thank you for that. It is lovely and moving at the same time." -- LV in IL

"I'm telling everyone to listen to this outstanding CD and let the real message of Jesus touch their hearts....before it's too late." --LS in CA

"Thank you so much for your beautiful CD. Both my wife and I had become lax in our meditation and spiritual practice. This has helped get us back on track. Blessings to you both." --JP in CA