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Schedule a Session
with Antera:

Call 530-926-2886

(Subject to change without notice. Please confirm before your session.)

Hourly: $85/hr

Prepaid Package (20% off):
5 hours for $340

First session special:
1.5 hours for $95


"This last session was the deepest processing yet, seems to have opened a cavern of productive positive energy. I feel a lot clearer and in power to have effect in the world. These sessions are really having a quantum effect."

"I can not even believe the amazing things that have happened since we spoke. I had a very big breakthrough with some math equations I’ve been trying to understand for years. Also, I had some very clear Guidance and felt so much clearer and understanding a lot more. This gift is truly amazing and I thank you so much for it."

"I want to say thank you again for the session with you. It has been very effective, subtle, and I feel lighter!! A friend said ‘you sound much better,’ and my voice was lighter. We are making some serious headway on clearing that old garbage! Woo Hooo!! I'm looking forward to another session with you."

"I feel very well after our session of clearing & aligning the chakras, it's almost as if I can think now, whereas before, I was trapped somewhere. Please allow me to give you my gratitude."

"Antera is a caring, competent SCIO practitioner who makes you feel very comfortable. So far I have had a general body scan, followed by several pinpointed treatments for certain areas. I could definitely feel the energy from the machine, and it was remarkably the correct action each time. I have more energy now, improved digestion, and less pain. I highly recommend her."

SCIO/EPFX Sessions

This quantum biofeedback system is the energy medicine of the future, combining the best of modern technology with ancient healing methods. It detects and corrects stress patterns in the subtle energy bodies that have either already become crystallized into the physical body, or may manifest in the future if they remain unchanged. Most people are chronically stressed from emotional upsets, overwork, bad diet, toxins, radiation, allergies, and other sources. Stress is now recognized as the underlying cause of most illness. This amazing device can find and balance these stresses. Antera is a certified biofeedback technician. These sessions can be done in person or by phone/email. More on SCIO.

Psychic Healing Sessions

Antera is a trained psychic healer, and has been naturally intuitive all her life. In these sessions she finds and clears blocks in your aura, chakras, and other subtle bodies, so your Light can shine brighter and your Higher Self can connect with you better. Deep issues and past lives often come up for healing. She uses powerful spiritual energies and psychic techniques to dissipate karma, dissolve old soul contracts, and remove old patterns and resistance that have been limiting you. BioGenesis tools, energy balancing devices from Atlantian times, are incorporated in these sessions. These sessions can be done in person or by phone/email.

EFT Sessions

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a psychological form of acupuncture, a simple tapping procedure that gently and quickly realigns the body’s energy system in relation to specific emotional or physical issues. It is based on the premise that unresolved emotional issues are caused by disruptions in the body’s subtle energies. These disruptions inhibit our natural ability to heal, leaving us open to nagging fears, anger, chronic pain, self-sabotage and illness. EFT sessions with Antera, coupled with her intuitive focus, effectively address these deep underlying emotional causes of psychological and physical disease.

Spiritual Couples Counseling

Antera works with couples who are on a spiritual path and want to raise their relationship to a new level of love, understanding, and spiritual union. She teaches them how to relate to each other from the level of the soul instead of the level of the personality, with its baggage from the past. Tools and processes are used and taught for use at home, to clear old, negative energy between them and to help them support each others’ growth. She and her husband also teach group workshops for couples.

About Antera

Antera had a career as a geophysicist before heeding her other calling to spiritual and healing work. She has also studied metaphysics throughout her life, and is trained in many energy healing modalities.

When she came across the SCIO/EPFX she knew it was a great fit for her because of her background in metaphysics, healing and science. It has proven to be a tool ideal for this age. For decades, she also looked for a quick and effective way to release emotional issues and other underlying causes of disease, trying out many different methods before finding EFT, which does that and more. She has been a channeler and given intuitive sessions for people for a decade, and these skills have continued to grow into her psychic healing sessions.

She is the author of "Twin Flames," a book describing her spiritual relationship with her husband Omaran, and has counseled other couples for many years, as well as marrying them. Antera is also a spiritual teacher, singer-songwriter, and founder of the nonprofit spiritual organization, Center for Soul Evolution in Mt Shasta.