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Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion
Second Edition

by Antera

Balboa Press, 2015
226 pp

softcover: 978-1-50434-371-8 • $16.99
hardcover: 978-1-50434-444-9 • $33.95
ebook (all formats): 978-1-50434-443-2 • $6.99

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Excerpt, Chapter 1

This is a compelling story of True Love, a love that most people only dream about--and it happened to Antera and Omaran. When they met and discovered that they are not only soulmates, but twin flames separated thousands of years ago, they embarked on a journey of profound spiritual experiences as well as emotional healing. Anyone who has dreamed of meeting their most perfect spiritual mate will love this book, and discover the deeper implications of this kind of cherished partnership.

"An inspiring, almost magical story of faith and courage as soulmates discover a love so powerful that it forces a release of all that is not love in their lives. Through their remarkable experiences, deep spiritual truths emerge and shine forth."
--Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., author of Shortcuts to God

"A powerful, new age memoir of reunion and love that transcends the centuries from antiquity down to the modern day... Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Twin Flames is a welcome addition to New Age spirituality reading lists."
--Midwest Book Review

Antera and Omaran wrote a musical based on the story of this book.
The songs are on the CD Twin Flames.

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AnteraAbout the Author:
Antera has been in contact with her spirit guidance since she was a small child. While raising her two sons, Antera had multiple careers, including being a jazz dancer and singer, a geophysicist, and later, a spiritual teacher, author, and recording artist. She met her twin flame, Omaran, in 1994, and together they founded the nonprofit organization, Center for Soul Evolution. They are a singer-songwriter duo as well as teachers who focus on furthering the Divine Presence on the planet.