The New Couple Paradigm Is Here

Deep inside, it is a union that everyone on a spiritual path ultimately desires--the union with our own twin flame, or twin soul. Is it just a mythological concept, romanticized and talked about through the ages, or do we really yearn for what Plato so beautifully described, the other half of our very eseence? How do they differ from soulmates?

These questions and more are answered in a remarkable tale of courage, spirituality and faith, called "Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion." According to the author, Antera, as people go through more and more rapid soul evolution because of the changes our world is going through, twin flame reunions are happening at an increasing rate. As people advance spiritually, they draw their twin to them, to experience the most divine union possible on Earth. Even more importantly, the higher reason for these couplings is that they allow a tremendous creative force to be unleashed for service to the planet. They come together to do some kind of service work that will help transform our world into a better place.

Antera intimately understands the powerful bond between twins--she and her twin flame, Omaran, lived the story in her book. Written in the style of a romance novel, this spiritual memoir describes finding each other and being pulled together with incredible force, despite life circumstances that would not easily allow it. Spirit orchestrates their reunion at an incredible rate.

But just getting together is not the end of the story. The couple finds that in addition to the immense joy that is unleashed, there is deep pain, because the closeness and intensity of the relationship requires that everything that has not been healed in their systems must be addressed, or it is not possible to stay together.

Throughout this inspiring story, many aspects of living a spiritual life are touched on, from channeling spirit guides to sensing the energy flows in nature; from memories of ancient Lemuria to current experiences on mystical Mt Shasta; from vast expansions and initiations on the inner planes to the expression and release of very-human emotional pain.

Twin flame reunions, like the one so fluidly described in this book, are the new couple paradigm, and will eventually happen for most people as they progress in their soul evolution. Though everyone untimately wants to find their perfect partner, there is a pervading belief in our culture that this will solve all our relationship problems. It is clear that the myth of "happily ever after" must be dispelled before a relationship of this caliber can be successful.

TWIN FLAMES: A True Story of Soul Reunion
by Antera
Balboa Press978-1-50434-371-8