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About the Pyramid

The Mt Shasta Pyramid has a 24 x 24 foot base, and stands over 15 feet tall. It has no windows or doors, so to enter you walk down a sloping tunnel, up some steps, and in through a trap door. It has a copper and quartz crystal capstone. The construction is wood frame, with a special layering process of conductors and insulators, to maximize energy storage. The outside is stucco. No ferrous materials (conductive metals) were used in the construction. We finished it so it would function in time for the 9-9-9 event.

The Guardian of the Pyramid is named Ra-Ke-Da, and he first came to us over 15 years ago, saying he was the guardian of the pyramid we would be building. It took us this long, but we finally did it! Click below to read a message from Ra-Ke-Da. We dedicated the pyramid to magnificent Isis, who has been one of our active teachers for a long time, and a message from her is also below. They both continue to instruct us on the best ways to use this amazing pyramid, including making the Pyramid Essences.

Message from Ra-Ke-Da
Message from Isis

Pyramid Essences
Experience the power of the pyramid at home with these essences, that carry the pyramid energies! Pre-charged up for specific themes: Love, Joy, Health, Courage, Prosperity, Pyramid Energy, or make a custom essence. Check them out here.

Pyramid Visits

If you are going to be in the area, be sure to schedule a private or group session inside the pyramid! We also offer vision quests, which are longer periods of uninterrupted time alone in the pyramid, for more spiritually-experienced people seeking serious transformation and divine guidance. These are not for beginners. Metal is not allowed inside, on clothing, jewelry, etc.

call 530-710-3935 or email.
By appointment only!

One person/hour $55
Additional people $10/hour
   (e.g. 2 people $65/hr, 3 people $75/hr)
Discount for Mt Shasta residents
Bigger groups: ask us for prices

Vision Quests:
Quest (8 hours): $250
Serious Quest (24 hours): $450

Mega-Charge Your Intentions!

From Ra-Ke-Da:
"If you read a list of intentions in here out loud with your powerful voice, Omaran, it amplifies them approximately 139 times more than what you can do on your own!"

Send us your short written affirmations or intentions and Omaran will chant them aloud inside the pyramid for you, then leave them in there for three days. It is best to focus on just 2-3 things, and word them carefully. Antera can help you with wording. $55 per short list, emailed. Send also a current picture of yourself, preferably full body.

Pay with this link: