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ALL SIX - $90:

LOVE - $18:

JOY - $18:


COURAGE - $18:

HEALTH - $18:


CUSTOM - $33:
(Send us your intent and name.)

Each 1-oz bottle $18
All six for $90
Custom bottle $33

Experience pyramid energy! These essences are made inside the Mt Shasta Pyramid, a powerful pyramid with a base of 24 x 24 feet, and over 15 feet tall, inside the vortex of Mt Shasta. They have been prepared by Antera and Omaran according to instructions from the pyramid's guardian, and Isis, to whom the pyramid is dedicated. In these bottles is captured the pyramid's energy, focused into qualities, and stored in water and quartz crystal. there is nothing like them!

Choose from these qualities, or make a custom essence:

Love • Joy • Prosperity • Courage
Health • Pyramid Energy

Custom essences are charged up with a quality of your choosing, one intention or affirmation, or a body part you are working on healing. Email that information to us so we can prepare your essence, and allow us a week or more to prepare.

These essences can be taken internally or externally.

"Wow! The energy in these is off the charts!"

"When I rub the Health Essence on my injury, I sense a team of Healers around me working on it. Quite amazing."

"I love the Pyramid Energy Essence! Feels like I'm inside the pyramid again."