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Twin Flames
by Antera and Omaran

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This album contains the thirteen songs from the rock musical Twin Flames. The musical portrays the remarkable spiritual love story from the book, Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion. Written and performed as a two-person show by Antera and Omaran, the songs contain inspired lyrics and captivating harmonies, set to a soft-rock contemporary sound. A special treat for spiritual romantics.

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Songs from the album:
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1. Bring It All On
2. Long Ago
3. Who Is That Man?
4. Only In My Dreams
5. You Are
6. Twin Flames
7. I Will Take You There
8. What Is Your Plan?
9. Please Just Love Me
10. Happily Ever After
11. With You
12. Will You Marry Me Now?
13. Union

All songs composed and performed by Antera and Omaran (BMI), copyrighted 2003.