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About the Pyramid

The Mt Shasta Pyramid is located on mystical Mt Shasta, where it gathers and concentrates the spiritual energies of this area. It has a 24 x 24 foot base, and stands over 15 feet tall. It has no windows or doors, so to enter you walk down a sloping tunnel, up some steps, and in through a door in the floor. It has a copper and quartz crystal capstone. The construction is wood frame, with a special layering process of conductors and insulators, to maximize energy storage. The outside is stucco.

The Guardian of the Pyramid is named Ra-Ke-Da, and this amazing being first came to Antera and Omaran over 20 years ago, saying he was the guardian of the pyramid they would be building. It was finally completed in 2009. The pyramid is dedicated to the magnificent goddess Isis. Archangel Metatron has also been very involved with the pyramid's construction and use.

"As they enter here, they are entering another space and time! Because in here the normal rules of the physical universe do not work as they do outside."
More from Isis

"This is a place to get answers! This is a place to connect with Divine Sources, other dimensions, angelic presences, and the Ascended Hosts."
More from Ra-Ke-Da

Pyramid Visits

Our pyramid is available for meditation, by individuals or groups up to 15.

By appointment only!

call or text: 530-710-3935 or email: us @

One person/hour $75.
Additional people $20/hour each.
For more than 5 people, please ask us for prices.
Discount for Mt Shasta residents.

Vision Quests
Quests are time alone in the pyramid, for experienced meditators only.
8 hours or 24 hours. Ask for prices.

Christ Consciousness Device

We also offer sessions inside this structure. It connects into the Christ Consciousness Grid, which surrounds our planet and holds a space of higher consciousness for humanity. It is a complex geometrical form called a stellated dodecahedron. When you sit inside, the Christ Light flows along that connection into you, stimulating your soul evolution and ascension.

One person at a time. $45 for 30 minutes.

Pyramid Essences
Experience the power of the pyramid at home with these essences, that carry the pyramid energies! Pre-charged up for specific themes: Love, Joy, Health, Courage, Prosperity, or Pyramid Energy. Check them out here.