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Ascension Tree Essences Boxed set of eight $65
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The Bay essence provides a cleansing and purification of the energy field. It shakes loose old energy or psychic debris that is ready to be cleared or transformed into Light. Take it when you are experiencing stuck energy, old patterns, emotional reaction, or when you just want a general tonic and purification. A better perspective on problems is provided, to allow the highest solutions.

The Eucalyptus essence provides balance and grounding. It works primarily with the root chakra, grounding in pure earth energy to replenish and bathe cells, aiding physical healing and stability. It also provides a reconnection with the matter energy of the earth to tune up the cells and make them more compatible with current vibratory changes. It is especially good after a catharsis or healing episode, or when feeling too ‘spaced out.’ The essence also acts to correct the male-female balance within an individual, enhancing the side that is having the most difficulty in being expressed.

The Acacia essence enhances personal power for bringing forth your true work and world service. It works on the 2nd and 3rd chakras, the sacred flame and fire in the belly, combining will, passion, and energy to empower your personal activities that bring Light to the planet. It stokes the fire when that energy is needed, providing focus, direction, and outward projection of your energy in joyful work.

The Oak essence opens the heart to more Divine Love. It discards old barriers and shields you may have, revealing old pains and sorrows that are the root cause of any closed energy. Memories of your past hurts are brought forth to be healed so you can open your heart to its fullest expression. It also aids in remembering who you are and what you have come here to do, bringing knowledge of your past into the present for the wisdom that comes from knowing yourself. Use this essence whenever you feel your heart is not as open as you would like -- it can literally ‘crack’ it open.

The Madrone essence enables the communication of Truth. It works on the throat center, bringing confidence, courage, and clarity to the expression of your truth. Mastery of the spoken word is an important part of the spiritual path, and involves releasing old ways of relating by becoming aware of them and re-patterning. Old mental and emotional patterns that limit your expression (or make you talk too much), such as insecurity, fears of exposure, criticism, or invalidation, are cast out. Good before any kind of serious discussions or teaching. This communication of truth extends also to the communication between cells in the body.

The Pine essence is for listening and receiving. It opens the crown chakra and other centers in the brain that allow for intense inner listening and perceptions into other planes of existence, quieting mind chatter. The gift of receptivity is especially good for receiving guidance from your Higher Presence and guides, and helps to make your guidance stronger and clearer. It also can be used for drawing to you abundance or anything you want to manifest in the material world, as long what you want is in line with your higher purpose.

The Fir essence opens the flow through your central core. It brings increased flow downward from Spirit, as well as upward from Earth, blending and balancing them within your system. The central core grows larger to accommodate, and the greater flow strengthens all centers, the physical body, and your bodies in other dimensions, such as your lightbody. It can be used when a restriction in flow is perceived, or when desiring greater strength, energy and overall power.

The Redwood essence brings out the Master within; we call it the Master Essence. It stills emotions and clarifies thoughts so the wisdom and perspective of a master can come through, with divine wholeness, peace, and transcendence of everyday challenge. Use this when you want an expansion into your true self, your true beingness, and to be completely in the present moment when you are in a situation where you want to act as masterful as possible; or every day!

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