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Emissaries of the Order of Melchizedek: Book II
by Antera and Omaran

Chapter 1 Excerpt:

Omaran felt a little nervous, but he pushed that unsettled feeling in his stomach aside. He had made his choice to do this, and he needed all his mental focus for the task. It was too late to back out. He was sitting with Antera on the couch in their living room in December 2005, preparing for an inner journey to a location inside the Earth. Antera was not going with him but would be sending him energy from where she sat. The Masters had said they would not go there either, in fact, they had told him they could NOT go there. Doubt came up as he thought about that. Could he really do this? Was he strong enough?

It had all started with a past-life memory from hundreds of years ago, one he was still trying to understand. In that life, he had made some serious mistakes. He had unwittingly helped create an object that was designed to send debilitating energies to those who were trying to bring Light to the world. Though he had been coerced into this without knowing its true purpose until it was too late, he knew he might have been able to stop it if he had been more courageous at the time, even at the expense of his life. His actions were almost impossible to understand from who he was now, completely aligned with the Light.

To forgive himself more completely, he wanted to do something to undo the damage. He had a feeling that the object was still working, so he had decided he would try to disconnect it or somehow disrupt its power source. He had dubbed the place he was going, the Catacombs.

He could feel their dog Faith, a tan-colored lab-shepherd mix with a ferocious bark but a gentle nature, who was lying on the floor with her head resting on his feet. Samantha, their energy-sensitive tabby cat, was also close, lying on the couch. The animals were going to be his only companions on this adventure, both agreeing in spirit to accompany him and function as sentries and protectors, warning him if anyone appeared. They were both ready and waiting.

He recalled the conversation he'd had during the planning stages with the Ascended Master St. Germain, one of the great teachers Antera channeled. Since she was a small child, she had been able to talk with angels and other Beings of Light on the other side of the veil, and they had been her cherished teachers all her life.

St. Germain had asked Omaran, "What are you going to do once you get inside?"

"I'm planning on being as quick as I can, and I intend to use my Light Sword to cut as many cords as possible, which I see going to individuals around the planet," Omaran had answered. He had seen the object from a distance. "What I do after that depends on whether I've been spotted by anyone who doesn't want me there."

"How are you going to get to where you want to go? You certainly will not be walking. You need speed."

"I was thinking of creating a fast horse to ride in."

St. Germain had surprised him by replying, "Would you consider a fast race car?"

"That's a good idea."

"Speed will be of the utmost importance, and if you are seen by anyone, you do not want to linger. The whole time you are gone you will want Antera holding a protective space for you. I would also strongly suggest that you make yourself as invisible as you can."

Omaran was now ready. He felt he had done as much preparation as possible, knowing that it would be a daring task and possibly even dangerous, considering the beings involved with this malevolent energy. The time was now.

"Okay, I'm ready," Omaran said to Antera, as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Antera said, "Good luck! I know you will be successful!"

He got behind the wheel of his etheric race car, which he had created using his imagination. Faith and Samantha settled onto the seat next to him. Not surprisingly, he seemed to remember exactly how to get there. The site was in Europe, and he traveled there in a few seconds. Then he drove right into the ground. Though non-physical, it all seemed very real. He intuitively knew there could be unwanted consequences if his mind wavered at all. At his destination, he saw, as well as felt, the targeted structure.

In the preceding days, he had seen it in his mind's eye several times, but in person it looked much larger and more imposing. . . .

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