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SCIO Introduction

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with Antera



Scan Session
The first and many subsequent sessions will include a full stress scan. This scan takes about an hour and you will receive a lot of information on the biggest stressors to your body-mind-spirit system, including the following and more.

•   Overall stress levels and disease risks from stress
•   Stress from nutritional deficiencies:
        vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, enzymes
•   Stress from hormone imbalances
•   Stress in your digestive processes
•   Stress from toxins
         (e.g. solvents, heavy metals, asbestos, insecticides)
•   Stress from pathogens
        (e.g. bacteria, virus, amoeba, fungus)
•   Most stressed organs in organ systems
•   Allergens or food sensitivities causing stress
•   Chakras that are unbalanced
•   Emotional blocks in your aura

Specific Issue
Stress reduction around a specific issue or disease. Examples include allergy desensitization, depression, infection, immune system, weight loss, or digestive system.

Emotional Trauma
Stress reduction of emotional trauma in your past to release its effect on you today and remove deeper causes of issues.

General Tuneup
Stress reduction therapies that enhance health and well-being by increasing the flow of energy through the body and energy field, including unblocking the aura, chakras, and meridians, feeding energy nutrients, reducing stress from emotional charge, and other therapies that are selected by your superconscious to aid you the most.

Spiritual Tuneup
Clear energy blockages in the aura out to the tenth dimension, balance chakras, stimulate spiritual connection and psychic abilities, dissipate karma, and stimulate the etheric DNA.

Mental Tuneup
Stress reduction of mental factors, to help boost memory and thought processes, tune brain waves, scan and treat energy disturbances in the brain, unblock the mental body, and correct the energy of brain nutritional deficiencies.

House or Office Clearing
Emotional energy can be held in the walls, floor, and furniture of a house or office, quietly influencing occupants. This session clears out the destructive thoughtforms and energies and adds positive life force energies, plus dispels negative entities who may be hanging about. It is especially good when moving into a new place, to clear the energy of previous occupants.

Animal or Pet
They can't easily tell us what is wrong, so the SCIO is ideal for finding and balancing their behavioral and physical stresses.

Short Hypnosis (remote only, short session rate)
"Flood" your subconscious mind with your affirmation or intention. Very good for making changes in your life.

Seminar Monitoring (rate depends on length of time)
Set up an orgone field (positive life force) around seminar site, clear destructive energy patterns, enhance spiritual and positive energies. Can be set up and monitored periodically all day.

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