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Becoming a Master

Volume II Meditations

1. Physical Body--Cellular Evolution.
Call in divine dispensations to awaken and enlighten your cells.

2. Physical Body--Purification.
Release energy from previous bodies, go through the Sieves of Light, and bathe in a liquid pool of light.

3. Emotional Body--Past Life Clearing.
Go back in time to clear a series of related emotional events.

4. Emotional Body--Cutting Attachments to the Past.
Sever energy cords to people and places in your past to bring your energy back to the present.

5. Emotional Body--Breaking Reactive Patterns.
Re-create recent events as if you were a Master, to break old patterns.

6. Emotional Body--Time Track.
Straighten, enlighten, and heal with forgiveness your past time track; receive transmission from yourself long ago.

7. Mental Body--Unblocking Areas of Life.
Go to the Hall of Divine Sight to view your activities and remove filters that are blocking the light.

8. Mental Body--Breaking Down Resistance.
Become aware of a mental barrier that is holding you back and destroy it.

9. Spiritual Body--Connecting with a Master.
Harmonize your energy centers and build a strong connection with an Ascended Master or Archangel.

10. Spiritual Body--Crystal tool.
Receive your crystal gift, have it charged up by the Masters.

11. Spiritual Body--Crystal Activation.
Activate your crystal to its second level, creating new connections and activating your energy centers in the head.

12. Spiritual Body--Pathway to Mastery.
Ceremony with the Masters.

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