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Becoming a Master

Volume I Meditations

1. Physical Body--Communication and Awareness.
Learn to love, understand, appreciate and communicate with your body.

2. Physical Body--Healing an Ailment.
Aid the healing of a part of the body by loving, accepting, and listening to it.

3. Emotional Body--Inner Child.
Retrieve energy that was held by an old issue in childhood.

4. Emotional Body--Opening the Heart.
Expand heart energy by removing a blockage, and using the Hoop of Purification.

5. Emotional Body--Cutting an Attachment.
Bring your energy back from others by cutting cords to leave only unconditional love, aided by Archangel Michael.

6. Emotional Body--Opening the Throat.
Remove a restriction that has inhibited your free-flowing expression.

7. Mental Body--Connecting with Higher Will.
Tune into the higher flow and use that connection to make a decision in your life.

8. Mental Body--Manifestation and Abundance.
Invite abundance into your life and use your personal antenna for manifesting something you want.

9. Spiritual Body--Temple in the Clouds.
Harmonize your energy centers in your personal temple in the angelic realms, and use your Insight Crown.

10. Spiritual Body--Angel Wings.
Unfold your wings and learn to fly, receive your special angelic tool and your spiritual name. Merge with your soul.

11. Spiritual Body--Soul Rejuvenation.
Travel with your soul group to your star of origin to immerse yourself in your source essence.

12. Spiritual Body--Pathway to Mastery.
Ceremony with the Masters.

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