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Emissaries of the Order of Melchizedek: Book 1

by Antera and Omaran

Balboa Press, 2016
320 pp

softcover: 978-1-5043-5537-7 • $20.99
hardcover: 978-1-5043-5538-4 • $37.95
ebook (all formats): $6.99

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

What is it like to live in the physical world while serving
the Light Beings in charge of humanity's evolution?

In this long-awaited sequel to Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion, Antera and Omaran continue their exciting adventures together as they take on tasks given by the Order of Melchizedek, a cosmic order that guides the evolution of consciousness. Some assignments are challenging, some are fun, and all are opportunities to gain wisdom, heal, and serve humanity and the Earth.

Ascended Masters such as Mary, Isis, Jeshua, and St. Germain--as well as a host of angels, devas, and nature spirits--play a big part in this true story as they lovingly guide this twin flame couple.

Follow Antera and Omaran's journey as they explore: ley lines ~ power spots ~ Mount Shasta ~ Earth healing ~ spiritual house building ~ moving underground water ~ ancestral karma ~ living without food ~ psychic attack ~ initiations ~ and much more!

Antera and OmaranAbout the Authors:
Antera and Omaran are a twin flame couple who have been together since 1994. They founded the Center for Soul Evolution Mystery School, Order of the Blue Snake, Land Healing Project, and built the Mt. Shasta Pyramid. Guided by Beings of Light, with whom Antera has been able to communicate since she was a small child, they now help the evolution of humanity through classes, initiations, music, and writing.