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Individual bottles: $12
All Eleven: $120
1/2 oz dropper bottles
Contain essence of flowers, pure Mt Shasta water, and brandy.














Mystical Mt Shasta is known as one of the most powerful energy vortices on the planet. These essences are made by Antera and Omaran from plants that grow on sacred land that focuses the spiritual healing and power of this mountain. The gifts from these essences are further magnified by the Mt Shasta Pyramid.

Flower essences contain only the energetic imprint from the flowers, so they have no scent. They are made by an energy process that merges the sun's light with the flowers and imprints the patterns into water. They contain very high frequencies, prompting the human system to raise its energy out of density into balance and health at all levels, including the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Use these essences by taking 2-3 drops either directly in your mouth or in a glass of water to sip more slowly. They can be mixed with food or beverages. Take them three times per day or more for the best results.

After these essences are bottled, they are put into the Mt. Shasta Pyramid for several hours. This pyramid is located on the flanks of the mountain, and it has a special construction that focuses and holds pyramid power. It measures 24 x 24 feet at the base and 15 feet high. This step in the production of our essences boosts the frequencies in them even more. Inside, they also get a final blessing from angels and Beings of Light.

ALYSSUM: Mental Focus and Clarity
Alyssum gives you greater mental focus and creates a quiet, peaceful mental state, to enable better meditation. It helps remove mental blocks and limiting patterns, and creates more clarity about what is really true and what isn't.

COMFREY: Deep Soul Repair
This essence is for repairing deep trauma, from this life or past lives, that fragmented or damaged the soul. It calls back pieces of consciousness left behind due to these extreme traumatic experiences and creates more wholeness.

CYPRESS: Joy and Fun
Cypress helps you embody the pure joy that comes from within. Let it rise up and move your body in dance! If you tend to work too much or take life too seriously, this essence will help you take time to lighten up and have fun.

DOGWOOD: Emotional-Physical Trauma
Dogwood helps to clear emotional and physical trauma held in the energy field. It strengthens and repairs damage in the etheric body and soothes the emotional body for quicker healing.

IRIS: Mother Energy and Creativity
Iris brings in pure motherly love, helping you heal your relationship with your human mom as well as develop a deeper connection to Divine Mother. Soothing, nurturing energy. Iris also enhances your creativity.

MANZANITA: Bridge Between Spirit and Matter
Manzanita helps the soul work its way more fully into your physical body and life. This helps you ground and center. If you tend to be spacey or scattered, this will help you be more present and better able to manifest what you want.

SAGE: Clearing the Path
Sage is great for purifying and cleansing, especially for clearing your path ahead and helping to remove obstacles so your life can go more smoothly. It helps you get into the Flow and realize your highest path.

SEQUOIA: Christ Consciousness
This essence is from a ring of trees that surround our medicine-wheel ceremony space. It carries the powerful energy of Christ Consciousness and the Order of Melchizedek, and it gives greater spiritual support from Ascended Masters and angels.

SHIELD: Psychic Protection
Shield is a blend from pennyroyal and yellow yarrow, for psychic protection. It strengthens your energy shields, helping you hold your boundaries strong and stay centered so you won't be susceptible to harmful energy from other people.

SPRUCE: Overcoming Adversity
Blue spruce gives strength and fortitude during times of challenge, so you can learn the lessons quickly and overcome adversity. Make the best of what hand you are dealt, making lemonade out of lemons. Integration of changes.

WHITE BARK PINE: Cosmic Perspective
This essence is from very old trees in a sacred valley high on the mountain. It helps you remember your true soul origins and connections to the cosmos, giving you the higher perspective of your eternal self as well as ancient wisdom.