It is time to think about what you want for the new year! We are offering the opportunity to charge up your intentions for 2017 inside the powerful Mt Shasta Pyramid. Over the last five years of doing this, we have heard from many participants about their impressive results, so we are excited to continue this service.

Omaran will chant your intentions inside the pyramid on December 26, then they will stay there with your picture until January 1, continually being energized. There is a tremendous activity by angels and Masters during this time! They will create a resonance between your intentions and you, through your picture, to speed up the manifestation process.

"The way this works is, their picture and their intentions are put together so that through their picture they resonate more fully with those intention statements. That is the process. Then they are powered up by SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES when you [Omaran] chant them."

To take advantage of this special offer, WE MUST RECEIVE EVERYTHING BY DECEMBER 23!

1. Make your list of THREE intentions, choosing the most important things you want to manifest in 2017. Think carefully about your life and what you believe you can create next year. Word them like affirmations, as if they have already happened, make them positive and SHORT. Antera will review the wording with you for maximum benefit.

2. Send the list by email with your full name and location.

3. Attach to the email a current picture of yourself alone, full-body, and good quality so we can print it on 8.5x11 inch paper.

4. Pay here. Only $33!

Antera and Omaran, the builders of the pyramid, are a twin flame couple who live in Mt Shasta, CA. For over 20 years they have taught spiritual growth classes, led ceremonies, and performed their inspiring music. They are the founders of Center for Soul Evolution and Order of the Blue Snake, and builders of the Mt Shasta Pyramid. For more info on them see their websites and